They Say


Melissa, Hotelier, 20s.


Auolive is a home grown skincare brand that understands modern womenhave many hats to wear in their daily lives and that time is precious. I had the privilege to sample 2 of their flagship products and I am pleased to say that these products apply like a dream and are more importantly effective!

Koh Leok Si, Business Owner, 29

Eyes Lifter Product Review - emphasis on the importance of choosing eye creams that are water-based to prevent formation of milla seeds around eye area.

When buying eye creams, it's important that it doesn't cause milia seeds around the eyes. The Auolive Eyes Lifter hydrates my eye area without causing milia seeds, which is good!



Lilin Khoo, Educator, 30s 


"I love how the Day Glower helps me get ready for the day in the morning. I just need to cleanse my face, put on Day Glower and I'm all set. The product glides on easily, absorbs easily and acts as a good base for make-up. My skin is well-protected from sun and has a nice glow even without make-up." 

Juliet Soh, Business Owner & Mother, 45

After using the Auolive Night Booster, my face was smoother, and had less sagging at my chin area. 



Loy Kiet Mei, Public Servant, 29, Singapore

Day Glower Product Review for women with combination skin

I have combination skin which starts off dry in the morning and gets oily as the day passes. After using the Day Glower, I noticed that my face doesn't get oily easily- it stays matte and hydrated.

Claressa Sim, Business Owner, 30, Singapore

Experiencing improvement of dark eye circles after two-week daily use of Auolive Eyes Lifter


The area around my eyes is more hydrated and the dark eye circles are less prominent after using the Eyes Lifter.


Sino Koh, Accountant, 30s, Singapore 

Skincare Review of the combine use of Auolive Day Glower & Night Booster product after two weeks.

"My skin is more hydrated and radiant after using the Day Glower for two weeks. The Night Booster absorbs well, and the improvement to my skin texture is immediately visible." 


I noticed my complexion was firmer and more hydrated after using the Auolive Night Booster.

Chim Cheng Wai,
Engineer & Mother, 50s


I love how my skin is very smooth immediately after using the Radiance Revealer. And very importantly I can see the dead skin being exfoliated.

Gylleann Lau, 
Marketing Manager, 30