Why is Auolive using Airless Bottle Technology?

Posted by Joyy on 27th Jul 2016

Auolive wants to ensure quality of the skincare products and achieve the highest standard of packaging to further maximise the performance of the ingredients in zero exposure to air. Auolive uses premium Korean-made quality airless pump bottles. The airless bottles just use a twist up closure, and no over-cap. To open, we need to twist the airless pump bottle cap, the pump actuator will then slide up and press down the serum for ready to use. To close we need to twist down, it will close tightly without contamination.

The most important benefits of the airless packaging for skincare are:

1. Prevents contamination

We use the skincare product twice daily, the ingredients will be exposed to the air and we might use our finger to dip into the products before applying. The chances of contamination are higher, thus causing the ingredients to lose their effectiveness.

2. Prevents Wastage & Spills

Every single drop of the premium skincare is precious. This airless pump packaging is able to prevent any wastage or spills. The premium Korea-made quality airless pump bottles are leak proof and even tamper proof. It will be easy to travel around with this airless pump bottle without spilling the product in your bag.

Let’s see how the Auolive Skincare Airless Pump Bottle looks like.